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Allround hacker/nerd, Apple geek, liberal political activist/scum, shortwave listener/pirate/number stations enthusiast, everything rf related, crypto, AFC Ajax

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  1. Deze kende ik nog niet. John Oliver, weergaloos: Fuck the European Union

  2. In unrelated news, I’m looking to invest in a balaclava manufacturer (preferably w/ strong Ireland retail presence).

  3. DFIR student told me he downloaded a great book from the Pirate Bay. I asked him if there was a chapter on analyzing infected PDFs...

  4. Scotland are the heroes of the UK 😂

  5. Haha lol. Front page of French Newspaper

  6. I don't bother taping over my laptop's camera. If anyone wants video of me, I'll gladly trade it for a working FreeBSD driver for my webcam.

  7. Just spoke to someone who went to the PO in Carrickfergus to get Irish Passport application forms and they'd run out. Carrickfergus.

  8. Trump gave most of his press conference in Scotland surrounded by these Nazi golf balls

  9. This is serious.

  10. Overheard: "I wish there would be a global plague so we could just go back to ipv4"

  11. I love the bluntness of the Scottish people.

  12. Scotland, don't ever change 😂😂😂😂😅

  13. The next James Bond will just be him spending 2 hours in passport control at De Gaulle

  14. Heh. A DoD network was briefly advertised by AS4134 (Chinanet).

  15. Scotland has the best swears of all time

  16. I've quickly designed a logo for our new country:

  17. Live scenes from the Channel tunnel.

  18. Right, this had me spitting out my tea. Cheers to the TV cameraman.

  19. I guess EU has now 1 GB of free space.

  20. Fox News reporting the UK has voted to leave the "UN"

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